Updates From Crazyville

Where to begin? Jules Crittenden observes that since resuming “normal” blogging, Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish “has racked up no fewer than 23 Palin posts.” Which is only “normal” in Sullyland, a destination on the far side of the looking glass, where caterpillars smoke hookahs, etc.

Certain that his lunacy is entirely rational, Andrew Sullivan declares Sarah Palin “completely off her rocker.” Of course, this explains why she’s got a huge bestseller and massive crowds at every stop on her smash-hit book tour, while Sully’s become a blogospheric laughingstock, his obstetric fixation having inspired a new blog called Sarah Palin’s Uterus.(Hat-tip: Instapundit.)

Speaking of laughingstocks, a “very scientific jazz musician” seems to believe that the “key to the scientific method is suppression of contrary data.” Similar pretzel-logic has convinced liberals that the economic failure of President Obama’s stimulus means we need. . . wait for it . . . more stimulus!

And Tim Blair notices that Dr. Phil Jones — at the center of the ClimateGate scandal — would prefer a global catastrophe to the discovery that the global-warming theory is mistaken. Such a preference for theoretical correctness could never result in bad science, of course.

All the experts agree that all the experts agree! What could possibly go wrong? Now shut up, Igor, and help me hook up these electrodes . . .

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