US Renounces World Court Treaty:

US Renounces World Court Treaty: We officially yanked our signature off of a treaty that creates an International Criminal Court today which is fantastic news. I’m glad to see that we’re definitively saying that we’re not going to be a part of the farce that the ICC will become. Of course, we’re going to hear the predictable cries of “unilateralism” from the world community but considering the unique position the US has in the world and the challenges that come with it, we have no choice but to unilateralists.

Although it’s not the ICC’s only purpose, there are those who will undoubtedly try to use the court as political tool to fire salvos at the world’s two favorite whipping boys, the United States and Israel. It was never really discussed, but I’m sure part of the reason Israel was so reluctant to have a UN team snooping around Jenin was because they feared having their soldiers and cabinet brought up before the ICC in a couple of years in a politically motivated trial.

The same thing applies to us. I can just see the UN warning us that if we hit Iraq or Iran without UN approval that Bush and his cabinet might have to stand trial for war crimes if any civilians were killed. There are those who claim that the ICC wouldn’t be used to settle political scores but that’s laughable. Ask yourself why Slobodan Milosevic is on trial today. Is it because he’s a genocidal psychopath who presided over the mass slaughter of Bosnian civilians? If so then why aren’t Saddam Hussein or Idi Amin up for trial? Is it as some people claim because he practiced ethnic cleansing? If so, then why does no one seem to care that Kuwait ethnically cleansed a quarter of a million Palestinians out of their country after the Gulf War? The real reason Milosevic is on trial is because he embarrassed Europe by committing genocide in their backyard while they sat by impotently waiting for the United States to get on board to stop him. Milosevic shamed Europe and now they’re making him pay for it. That’s the real reason why he’s on trial at the Hague and why the United States should make it crystal clear that we will not tolerate any member of the United States government or military being tried by the ICC.

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