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Why Did I Start A Blog?: A lot of people wonder why political blogs seem to be growing so fast and why Conservatives and Libertarians seem to be doing most of them. Let me tell you why I got back into politics and started doing a page…

I completely lost interest in politics during Bush 41’s administration after coming to the conclusion that most politicians were snakes who were unfit to be in office (incidentally, that’s still my opinion). Of course, the Clinton administration and the Republicans refusal to stand behind the “Contract With America” didn’t help matters. Then the 2000 elections rolled around. To be honest, I wasn’t very impressed with Bush or Gore and neither one inspired me to get interested in politics again.

Then the debacle in Florida occurred. It all seemed pretty clear cut to me. Bush won the first machine count, he won the 2nd machine count, and once the absentee votes were added in, he won again. According to rules written before the election, it was game over, Bush wins. To me there were two stories in that election: Al Gore’s detestable, underhanded, attempt to steal an election he lost and the obvious attempt of the Florida State Supreme court to rewrite the rules of the election after it was over in order to pull off a judicial coup d’etat. Yet the mainstream media tried to portray the Florida election as an example of the US Supreme Court handing the election to an illegitimate president. This is the despite the fact the FSSC’s decision’s seemed to start with the premise that “we’ve got to keep Gore in the race” and worked backwards from there. Furthermore, if they hadn’t made not one, but two unconstitutional rulings (they were ruled unconstitutional 9-0. and 7-2 by the way) then the US Supreme Court would of never had to get involved in the first place.

The final straw for me was when I was watching a show on CNN and a viewer wrote in to say “Bush should concede.” Bush should concede? BUSH SHOULD CONCEDE? Not only had he won every recount at the time, he’s won every recount since including two separate media recounts. It was insane. Once I read that, I knew I needed to create a page to educate people about what’s really going on in America. A few months later…RWN was born…

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