VIDEO – Assault Breacher Vehicle

Via John Hawkins and Linkiest (and also Prairie Pundit), I just found this video, “Assault Breacher Vehicle”:

This is something else! For more information, see the Los Angeles Times, “Marine Assault Vehicles Key to Afghan Strategy.” Technical details at Jane’s Defense Weekly:

For the ABV role, the turret of the M1A1 Abrams MBT has been removed and replaced by a new all-welded steel structure to which has been added the latest explosive reactive armour (ERA) package. This provides a higher level of protection against anti-tank weapons fitted with a High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) warhead fitted to weapons such as the RPG-7 (Rocket Propelled Grenade).The commander is seated in the new superstructure and provided with a cupola armed with a .50 (12.7 mm) M2 HB machine gun. A bank of standard electrically operated grenade launchers are fitted one either side of the superstructure to cover the frontal arc …

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