Viva La Communism! Viva La Chavez

Hugo Chavez, the Left’s favorite Commie dictator behind Fidel Castro, is doing what his sort always seems to do once they take control of a nation: screwing things up royally.

Keep in mind that Venezuela produces an enormous amount of oil and should be rolling in dough at the moment — yet — well, just take a look at this excerpt from a Reuters piece about some elections that Chavez will probably end up rigging…

“Chavez, who refuses to scrap term limits for other officials, would have to leave office in 2013 without the law change.

He urged Venezuelans to see vote as a referendum on him.

“It’s black and white — a vote against the reform is a vote against Chavez,” he said in a state television interview.

But this year, Chavez has hurt his standing by shutting an opposition TV station and failing to end some food shortages.

Amanda Aguilar, 17, was in line at 5:30 a.m. waiting for a food store to open to buy her single, rationed carton of milk.”

There are food shortages? She’s STANDING IN LINE so that she can buy a single carton of milk? Holy shades of the Soviet Union, Batman, nobody tell Sean Penn and Danny Glover what a disaster their pal Hugo Chavez is for Venezuela.

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