We knew it was dangerous because science said so. Now, science says otherwise.

It was dangerous. Now it isn’t. Thanks, science, for clearing that up.

Saccharin was first listed as a hazardous waste in 1980 after studies in rats showed the sweetener caused higher rates of bladder cancer. The EPA subsequently determined it to be a “potential human carcinogen”. Yet two decades later, the National Toxicology Program and International Agency for Research on Cancer reversed that classification after scientists failed to link saccharin consumption to cancer in humans.

Saccharin was removed from their listings of hazardous substances. The EPA has now followed suit…

Saccharin doesn’t quite fall into the same “scare” category as acid rain, the ozone layer, global warming, shark attacks, etc. But this is another in a long list of examples of a scientific conclusion — and possible (probable) overreaction to that conclusion — that turns out to be…wrong, or at least not nearly as bad as we thought.

I am surely not the first person to notice how the liberal view of science differs from the liberal view of the Constitution. The Constitution is “a living, breathing document,” that has to be interpreted in the context of today. The Founding Fathers’ intent isn’t as important as what we want it to mean today.

One could make the same statement about the Bible. Not the Koran, perhaps, but the Bible.

But science…science is sacrosanct. Untouchable. The Word, but with proof! Didn’t you read the study? It’s scientific fact!

Or, well, it was. Sorry about that, all you malaria victims. Some actress asked us “what are we doing to our children?” and we kind of…well, you know. And those of you who were viciously attacked (verbally, that is) for your opposition to government action in the face of scientific fact…well, no, you won’t receive an apology. And yes, you’d better damn well roll over the next time we’ve got scientific fact on our side.

The words in the Constitution — malleable. The Word of God — subject to interpretation.

Saccharin was dangerous. Now it’s not. But don’t get in the way of the next scare, you child-hating flat-earther.

The TrogloPundit

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