We need school control, not gun control

Another day, another “school shooting.”

That we Canadians have per capita almost as many of these things as Americans do — matter of fact (and fiction), we invented them, long before Columbine— we smug Canadians (and our chief enabler Michael Moore) need to finally drop the “gun control” crap.

And start looking at what it is about schools that makes people go, er, “postal.”

Of course, this will never happen.

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How could the stiflingly conformist, stark raving leftywing insanity that permeates the entire “educational” system POSSIBLY have anything to do with the rising body count?

Hell, the latest shooter is reportedly an Obama fanatic.

And studies are conducted at… universities. So don’t expect anything new, just the same old lies about guns.

Also: these events provide godless ordinary people with their regular daily requirements of “makeshift memorials” and other neurotic, self-centered, morbidpseudo-religiosity, and jeepers, we wouldn’t want to do away with that.

The same parents who insist that their precious spawn wear helmets to go to the bathroom and steer miles away from the nearest peanut, think nothing of pushing their children to go to college, where their well-protected brains will be duly washed — if their blood isn’t first (off the floor, that is.)

School is bad for you. Drop out, or just don’t go in the first place.

(Kathy Shaidle‘s blog FiveFeetOfFury is now in its 10th year.)

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