‘We will drown all of you in blood’ Islamic State post chilling video in threat to the US

‘We will drown all of you in blood’ Islamic State post chilling video in threat to the US

IRAQ’S Islamic State thugs have posted a bloodthirsty video on the web, warning the United States: “We will drown all of you in blood”.

ISIS draw US blood

The jihadi butchers issued the clips of American soldiers being shot or beheaded in retaliation to successful air strikes on IS positions. Washington’s action against the fanatics has allowed Kurdish troops to re-capture strategically important territory in northern Iraq. Among the key gains were the Mosul hydro-electric dam, which controls most of the country’s water and power. IS forces have also faced fierce opposition from the Iraqi army in Tikrit, birthplace of executed dictator Saddam Hussein. The video threat was delivered in an English-language statement which warns that Americans will be attacked “in any place” if the strikes continue.

It also shows what the group claims is film of a US soldier being killed by a sniper and an American soldier being beheaded during the Iraqi occupation. Under the hashtag “AmessagefromISIStoUS”, the menacing broadcast also featured an American flag spattered with blood.

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In Tikrit, Monday’s Mosul Dam success spurred Iraqi troops and supporting Shi’ite muslim militias on to attack the Sunni IS yesterday. But the offensive was short-lived, with government forces held back by heavy machinegun and mortar fire to the south, and landmines and snipers to the west. By mid-afternoon, the push was halted, with the IS – rejected as too extreme by Al Qaeda – still in control of central Tikrit. Meanwhile yesterday, the UNHCR refugees’ agency announced a major aid operation to reach 500,000 civilians displaced by the IS onslaught.

Relief workers will dispatch tents, food and medical supplies to the Kurdish city of Irbil from Jordan, Turkey, Dubai and Iran. Adrian Edwards, a UNHCR spokesman said the programme starting today (Wed) was one of the organisation’s “largest aid pushes”. He added: “This is a major humanitarian crisis and disaster, and it continues to affect very large numbers of people. “Conditions remain desperate for those without access to suitable shelter – people are struggling to find food and water to feed their families or primary medical care.”

If this is not a threat to ALL Americans and our National security I don’t know what is.

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