We’d feel pretty foolish if we’d spent billions trying to avert global cooling 30 years ago, wouldn’t we?

From the MacIver Institute, a head-in-the-sand “denier” with a PhD:

A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor is making headlines for his work suggesting the world is entering a period of global cooling.

“Now we’re getting a break,” Anastasios Tsonis, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at UWM, said in an interview with the MacIver Institute.

Tsonis published a paper last March that found the world goes through periods of warming and cooling that tend to last thirty years. He says we are now in a period of cooling that could last up to fifty years.

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Consensus! Oh, but he’s just an outlier, probably. Just a lone voice, crying for attention because his parents didn’t love him enough. Or something. He’s getting paid to say these things. He works for special interests who stand to profit from environmental destruction.

But hang on: Dr. Tsonis is no global warming “denier.”

“Around 2001 the climate began shifting. It’s cooling now. That doesn’t mean that the warming was a fluke,” said Tsonis.

He believes man could have…

Could have.

…played a role in the warming the world recently experienced. However, Tsonis says natural forces, particularly ocean currents, are playing a greater role in the world’s climate than man.

Which isn’t to say man isn’t playing any role. We might be. How much of a role is another question.

None of which means we shouldn’t still try to reduce our impact on the environment:

Regardless, Tsonis believes mankind should take steps to minimize its impact on climate further. Now that we’re in a period of cooling, we have time to do it right.

“This could be a blessing,” Tsonis told the MacIver Institute. “I think we need to understand this shift better, instead of taking it out of proportion.”

That’s a very wise thing to say. Especially in light of past Pronouncements of Doom — the new ice age; acid rain (remember that?); the ozone layer; garbage filling the oceans. What if we’d pulled out all the economic stops — or, rather, pushed back all the economic starts — to stop those man-made environmental “disasters?”

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