Welfare Mooches With 9 Kids Go On Taxpayer Funded Vacation

Welfare Mooches With 9 Kids Go On Taxpayer Funded Vacation


Meanwhile, millions are struggling to get food on the table:

…a welfare family that consists of two parents and over nine kids, with two more on the way, have recently treated themselves to a $5,000, taxpayer funded, vacation.

Along with this, just three months ago, they were given $200,000 house by the government but the ungrateful duo explain, “We’ve been here for about three months but I’m not really happy with the new house. We’ve got enough room but it’s just we had to move out of Sittingbourne and we liked it there.”

Most recently however, the gang of 11 took a lavish trip to the, “all-inclusive… three-star Hotel Victoria Playa in Menorca’s Santo Tomas resort.” With a price tag of around $5,000 you can understand why taxpayers are a bit steamed over the matter.

When asked what she thought of all the irked hard working folk, she simply noted, “I’m not bothered what other people think. They’re just stuck up. People are just are jealous. It’s none of anybody else’s business.”

Except that they are having their property looted from them so these two can live : the lifestyle Pelosi and Obama would like for all Americans.

Except for the evil rich, of course.

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