We’ve established the proposal as sound in principle. Now we’re just haggling over price.

When the federal government can take money out of our pockets — out of our grandchildren’s pockets, that is — to build a tunnel for turtles; when the Commerce Clause and the General Welfare Clause are cited as authority to regulate anything from what farmers can plant to what Grandma can sell at her yard sale; when states fall all over themselves to do whatever the Feds want in exchange for more federal tax dollars…

…are we really all that shocked that Congress might say: buy health insurance or go to jail?

And one more thing, while I’m killing some time (both the Ohio St./Penn St. and Alabama/LSU games are in commercial): if those Catholic Bishops end up helping to pass the health care “reform” bil, thinking that the bill has been amended to preclude tax-funded abortions, but then that amendment is stripped from the bill in some future legislative shenanigan…

…exactly what will those Catholic Bishops do then?

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