What Dick Morris said, vs. what Heather Saturday heard

Here’s what Dick Morris said (on Fox News with Greta van Susteren):

(The results of the 2010 election are) going to totally change the education debate. You are going to see school choice, and charter schools, and vouchers, and that stuff become the commonplace method of education.


It’s an antipathy to the role of government in every aspect of our society. That’s why I mentioned the education changes. People are simply no longer going to be trusting government to educate their children. They’re going to want competition, they’re going to want choice…I believe we’ll change every school system in this country.

Here’s what Heather Saturday heard:

Dick Morris: Huge Republican Gains are Going to All But do Away With Public Education

Parental choice = “all but” doing away with public education. How can liberals be such a political force in this country when they have so little faith in themselves?

Here’s the video (courtesy of Crooks and Liars). See for yourself.

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