What Is The World Coming To When You Can’t Even Trust A Professional Pimp?

From The Washington Examiner

“In a move that will certainly set into motion hundreds of bloggers and journalists eager to unearth the next Washington sex scandal, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, aka the “DC Madam,” has posted 13 years worth of phone records on her website Monday afternoon. The records cover Palfrey’s time as head of “Pamela Martin & Associates,” a Washington, D.C.-based escort service. As Yeas & Nays noted last week, U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler recently lifted the temporary restraining order prohibiting Deborah Jeane Palfrey from releasing those telephone records.

During an interview with Yeas & Nays last Thursday, Palfrey indicated that she had “every intention” of releasing her records to the public, but the move to post them on her website so quickly was not anticipated by many.

“I have reason to believe the disk – containing a full set of the telephone records for the 13 year operational history of ‘Pamela Martin & Associates’ – already has been pirated,” writes Palfrey. “Despite our very best intentions to maintain control of the information, our efforts seemingly have been for naught. I am concerned about manipulation of the database with false and misleading information. Even though such falsifications can be refuted in time by comparing an altered copy with the original, my attorney, Mr. Sibley and I fear that in the intervening time period, considerable damage can and will be done to the reputations of individual and entities with no connection to the business. Additionally, the overall validity of the records’ contents will be diminished when one false accusation after another begins to manifest. Therefore, to thwart any possible distorted version and to ensure the integrity of the information, the records — in their entirety — are available for downloading.”

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When you cut through all of the side issues, here’s what it comes down to: Palfrey is a pro-ho who had her operation shut down and was/is facing jail time. The phone records appear to be her attempt at blackmail. Either her high profile clients were to somehow make the charges go away or she’d release them publicly.

For the judge to allow her to release those documents publicly was, in my opinion, incredibly irresponsible, especially since there’s no way to distinguish between the clients who engaged in prostitution with Palfrey’s escorts and the poor souls who actually used her company’s services legally.

Which category David Vitter falls into is beyond me, but either way, it’s horribly embarrassing and will probably justifiably end his political career when he comes back up for reelection in 2010. That’s a shame, because Vitter was a real hero in the Senate illegal immigration battle.

PS: If Palfrey’s mother is alive, I bet she’s really proud of what her daughter turned into: a professional pimp/whore who’s dragging thousands of people’s lives through the sewer before she goes to jail for what will hopefully be an extremely long sentence in a very unpleasant prison.

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