What Religious Person Would Want Andrew Sullivan Representing Them In A Debate?

From a press release I just received:

Sam Harris and Andrew Sullivan Face Off in a Beliefnet “Blogalogue”

This week, two leading thinkers take sides in an extraordinary “blogalogue” about God, faith, and religious violence. Best-selling author Sam Harris, author of the controversial books “The End of Faith” and “Letter to a Christian Nation,” explains why he’s an atheist and why religion, to him, is the force most to blame for tragedies like 9/11. Uberblogger Andrew Sullivan, pro-religion author of “The Conservative Soul,” responds to Harris’ Beliefnet posts on his own blog–countering that faith and reason aren’t mutually exclusive.

Andrew Sullivan is supposed to be the “pro-religion” side of a debate? You’re talking about a guy who thinks most of the Christians in this country want to live in a theocracy and who once held up Madonna as a shining example of Christian behavior.

Having a debate between Sam Harris and Andrew Sullivan over religion would be like Karl Marx and Ted Kennedy debating which economic system does more to help the poor, Communism or Capitalism.

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