What The Democrats Don’t Get *Update! Brown Wins!*

They don’t get a lot of things, but specifically they don’t get the anger of the American people and the Tea Parties. This was made quite evident in some of their recent comments regarding Scott Brown and his Senate race.

This is Pres. Obama campaigning for Martha Coakley:

“We have had one year to make up for eight. It hasn’t been quick, it hasn’t been easy. But we’ve begun to deliver on the change you voted for.”

I know the talking point of Democrats is that the Democrats are trying to “clean up the mess left by eight years of George Bush.” But the American people aren’t buying it. For one, they know that the Democrats have had control of Congress since 2006. They also know that the problems with our economy were decades in the making. We all know that decisions made by Clinton in the 90’s to Bush’s spending, to Obama’s big government solutions, there is enough blame to spread around. What the Tea Party people understand is that this isn’t a Democrat problem, this isn’t a Republican problem, it’s a government problem. There is too much of it, and it is too intrusive and controlling. Both parties have lost sight of what this country is all about. It’s become all about them, and not about freedom and liberty.

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Contrary to what the Democrats believe, Americans aren’t stupid. Obama and the Democrats seem to think that blaming Bush for all the problems that we now face will some how divert attention from the fact that what they are doing are only make things so much worse.

If you are a liberal or a Democrat, listen closely…. We blame Bush too! From Clinton’s CRA to Bush’s out of control spending to Obama’s colossal out of control spending, we are mad at all of you! We have had it with an overreaching government that ignores the will of the people.

Americans thought Obama would bring “change.” But all he brought was more spending, bigger deficits, and high unemployment. Not the change they voted for.

Obama continued in his oblivion, speaking about Scott Brown and his truck:

You better check under the hood,” was one refrain. “Forget the truck,” he said. “Anybody can buy a truck.” “He decided to park his truck on Wall Street,”

Seriously? This from the President who poured trillions into a Wall Street bank bailout. Does the President not understand that with 10% unemployment not everyone can “buy a truck?” The Democrats seem to be living in this bubble. They don’t understand that the American people are truly fed up with our overreaching government. They are fed up with a leadership that tries to blame everyone, except the person in the mirror.

The Democrats might argue that it is the Republicans that seem to be benefiting from this populist anger. They would be right, but that is only because the populace wants less government, less spending, and less taxes. When a Democrat runs on that platform, he will get the support of the Tea Party as well. But I wouldn’t hold my breath for that one.

But the number one thing Democrats don’t get is that pushing this unpopular health care bill through, especially when the economy should be the number one concern, will haunt the Democrat party for a long time to come. They are so oblivious to this they don’t even watch what they say.

“Over the weekend, Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York told the Wall Street Journal that if Brown wins, Democrats will race to cram the healthcare bill through while fending off Brown. “We’re going to have to finish this bill and then stall the swearing-in as long as possible,” Weiner said. “That’s our strategy, a hurry-up-and-stall strategy.”

They don’t even try to hide how they will lie, cheat, and steal to get this health care bill through.

If the Democrats pass this health care bill, it will be a classic case of winning the battle, but losing the war. As they pat themselves on the back for this big victory, they will look up to find they are all alone on the battlefield, with most of the American people joining the fight against them for the future.

*Update: Wow. Just wow. Scott Brown wins in Massachusetts. A Republican succeeding the late Ted Kennedy in the Senate is just….unbelievable. I still cannot get over it. It is such a slap in the face to the Democrats. Surely the Democrats will face the music. Brown ran on NOT VOTING for the Health Care bill. There could not be a stronger message to Congress.

We now have three straight (Mass, Va, and N.J.) statewide elections, two in very blue states, where the Republican candidate won. Who would have imagined that the change Obama would bring is ousting Democrats from office?

I want to add that I think the American people appreciate the class Brown showed by expressing respect for the late Ted Kennedy. It’s nice to see civil respectful behavior that crosses party lines.

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