What the word forward means in Obama’s America

Forward. Seems like a simple word right? According to Dictionary.com the word forward has many meanings. The main definition of the word forward is this, “To move toward, or at a place, point, or time in advance.”

Let’s take the first part of the definition, “To move toward.” The word forward has been used throughout the 20th century, as a call to action among many Socialistic and Communistic Dictators.

In 2008, President Obama ran on this idealistic platform of “Hope and Change.” Everything will be like warm apple pie and Dom Perignon. Some voters even believed they didn’t have to put gas in their cars anymore because, “The President’s got my back.”

He had Greek columns and lavish stage props at his campaign events. He read from his teleprompters with magnificent style and grace. And the Sheeple shouted, “Yes We Can! Yes We Can!” as Barack Obama told his followers that everything will be just fine now that he had arrived.

The fact of the matter is that ever since President Obama was elected, the American people have lost hope, and a lot of change. America is finding out the hard way that the President can not walk on water. Neither does he have the ability this time to run on champagne wishes and caviar dreams. The President now has a record, and not a very good one. One that should make him lose his job in only a few short months. But the President needs to try. So he decides to give America a little glimpse of what a second term would look like; by changing his campaign slogan from “Change We Can Believe In” to the word, “Forward.”

Here are a few examples of the word forward being used in history.

Adolph Hitler used the slogan, “Vorwarts! Vorwarts!” which was a marching song of the Hitler youth. The German translation of this slogan was, “Forward! Forward!” The National Socialist’s Party in Germany was responsible for killing around 12 million people, half of which were Jews.

Vladimir Lenin was a Communist Dictator who was the Premier of the former Soviet Union. Lenin used forward as a revolutionary statement. “Forward for the Motherland, for our Victory.” Lenin was responsible for thousands of deaths while marching Russia forward.

Joseph Stalin, another Communist Russian Dictator during the Bolshevik Revolution was estimated to have killed 3 million people. His campaign slogan left nothing to interpretation. “Forward to Communism!”

And last but not least, Mao Zedong, the Communist Dictator of China used the term, “The Great Leap Forward” in his campaigns. Chairman Mao, according to most estimates has been responsible for between 49 and 78 million deaths. All in the name of leaping forward.

Almost every single Socialist and Communist Leader in history has run on bringing some form of change forward. They promise the people everything, get them dependent on them, and then rule their people with an iron fist.

So why would the President of the United States pick such a controversial slogan to use in his re-election campaign? The answer is because this is who he is. This is what he wants to see in America. The President has always seen himself as some type of revolutionary figure who came to power to fundamentally transform America. In 2008 the President, along with his cohorts in the media, had to hide who he was to get him elected, and now that we know who he is, he figures there is no need to hide it anymore.

The sad part is that probably close to 30% of the rest of the country feels as though the President does, and are anti-capitalists. The news station MSNBC proudly and bluntly uses the slogan, “Lean Forward.” In a June 2011 interview, MSNBC President Phil Griffin had this to say, “We have established a position and platform here at MSNBC where we are the place to go for Progressives.” We have all heard the stories of media bias; however most of the stations that are accused of it usually try to deny it. Not MSNBC. They want you to know they are bias. There is a name for MSNBC in Russia, it is called Pravda.

If I was Mitt Romney I would be running ads in every swing state showing the controversial history of the word forward.

I think it is important to note that I am not suggesting that the President wants to kill certain Americans for not agreeing with him, but his intentions for this nation are very dark and very oppressive. What I am saying is that if we, as a country do not change course politically, ethically, and financially then we may one day be putting are kids to bed and little Johnny or Sally might say to us, “Tell me the story again about how America was once free.”

According to the Scottish Educator Alexander Tyler, there are 8 stages of a Democracy.

1. From Bondage to Spiritual Faith
2. From Spiritual Faith to Great Courage
3. From Courage to Liberty
4. From Liberty to Abundance
5. From Abundance to Complacency
6. From Complacency to Apathy
7. From Apathy to Dependence
8. From Dependence back into Bondage

What stage do you think America is in right now?

They say most democratically elected governments in history last about 200 years. Some people on the left even say it is our time, however most Americans reject Socialism and embrace Capitalism. This country is too proud of its heritage to ever let full blown Socialism take it over. We have tasted the sweetness of freedom for far too long to ever just give that up.

Given the stark choices between the candidates for president, I can not even for the life of me see why this race is even close? I feel if the people knew the meaning behind the President’s campaign slogan he would immediately start to lose more support.

We are a center-right country and can’t imagine that we would purposely veer off that path. I still feel in my heart that this November Mitt Romney should win the Presidency by a comfortable margin, but the fact that most of the polls are close is worrisome. We all have heard that this is the most important election of our lifetime; and most of us would agree with that statement.The truth is that if we do not get this right this November and elect Mitt Romney; then we will be on our way down the path that Barack Obama calls moving forward.

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