When Will We Learn?

I was astounded watching Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last night, expounding on why we need this health care bill, saying that Medicare and Social Security were great social programs that work, so what was the difference with the health bill? Did Jon not get the memo that Medicare and Social Security ARE BROKE!!! How can one call a program successful if it is bankrupt??? This isn’t some rightwing distortion. This isn’t in debate. They ARE BROKE. I only mention it because sadly, so many young people get their political news from a guy who routinely spouts falsehoods or doesn’t tell the whole story.

When will we learn that the government does not make things better? We have generational poverty and despair because of welfare and other social programs. It is indeed ironic that it is the poor that suffer the most under these “good intention” programs the Democrats push to make themselves feel better.

Case in point. The government and Democrats figure that giving free childcare to low income workers will help them stay working. Sounds good, right? But like everything else the government runs, it becomes a pit of horror for those who are supposed to benefit from it.

From The Texas Tribune:

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The Texas Workforce Commission spent nearly $50 million in the last two years subsidizing day care centers and in-home child care providers with troubled track records caring for the state’s neediest kids – including sexual and physical abuse, kidnapping, and leaving infants to suffocate and die in their cribs.

Read the whole thing to see a a laundry list of abuses on these children so horrible it will make your skin crawl. You think these are isolated incidents? Think again.

A Texas Tribune review of licensed child care centers found that at least 135 subsidized facilities had their licenses revoked or denied by the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) between 2008 and 2009 and had their funding immediately suspended. Another 250 subsidized facilities put on probation during that time period continued to receive federal funds through the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC); there’s no prohibition against it.

385 facilities. Keep in mind, this is ONLY TEXAS.

Susan Craven, executive director of the Texas Association for Infant Mental Health says, “If the government is willing to pay for childcare, then the government should be responsible for making sure it’s high quality.”

Yeah. When you find a government program that gives “high quality” service, you let me know. Right after you discover unicorns are real.

As you read the article you see that some of the in home child care workers taking care of our children were also found to have felony convictions, including sexual assault and indecency with a child.

Of course the progressives say we just need more money. That’s their answer to everything. More of our taxpayer dollars and they can fix it. But the more we throw money at things, the less things seem to be getting better.

So what the answer? To the parents of the 114,000 children in this system in Texas, I say do whatever it takes, but DO NOT put your child in this system. Find a grandparent, an aunt, a friend. Give up your cell phone, fast food, buying clothes…anything to find someone you trust to babysit. Go to church based charities for food, clothes, help with a heating bill. Get those things for free and spend your money on a trusted babysitter. Join a Church, surround yourself with loving people, trade services, work at night when your husband works during the day, ANYTHING. Free sounds good until your child is dead or sexually abused.

I cannot tell you how angry this makes me. I can hardly type. When will learn to stop trusting the government? In a country that our forefathers envisioned, there would be limited government. A system that tries to “take care” of the poor only condemns the poor to a life of despair. It never lifts them out of it.

When will we learn??

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