When You Add Jimmy Carter To ‘1984’ In Britain You Get

When You Add Jimmy Carter To ‘1984’ In Britain You Get…: Would this idea that our British cousins are considering be too much even for the most rabid Green Party members in America? I’d like to think the answer would be “yes,” but I’d love to see the replies if this was floated on some left-wing message boards…

“THE British government is studying a model to tax motorists country-wide based on the time they spend on the road, according to reports.

Satellites and computers would track motorists in order to bill them for the specific route they take, Minister of Transport Alistair Darling said to the British weekly.

Commuters, school-run parents and motorway users would bear the brunt of a variable system, where charges would be highest for rush-hour travel and for using the most congested roads. Use of motorways in Britain is currently gratis.”

The fact that the Brits aren’t absolutely flipping out over this is disturbing. Of course, any nation that shrugs off the government putting out the, “Secure Beneath Watchful Eyes Posters” isn’t terribly concerned privacy to begin with. Give it another twenty years and the British public may be ready for ‘1984’ style telescreens the way they’re going…

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