Why Are We Wasting Our Time With The Roadmap To Murderville?

Why Are We Wasting Our Time With The Roadmap To Murderville?: Here’s a quote from a Yahoo piece about the implementation of the peace process that shows what a pointless waste of time this whole charade is…

“…Meanwhile, Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas was struggling to implement a key obligation for his side – the halting of anti-Israeli violence.

Abbas said Monday he would not use force against Palestinian militants under any circumstances, despite their stated determination to derail the peace plan with attacks on Israelis, including two weekend shootings that killed five soldiers.

He repeated his stance that he wants to avoid a civil war among Palestinians and still believes militants will agree to a ceasefire.”

Yes, I can just imagine conversations between Abbas and the terrorist groups…

Abbas: I want you to stop attacking the Israelis…

Hamas & Islamic Jihad: So what happens if we don’t?

Abbas: I’ll ask you again…

Hamas & Islamic Jihad: But that’s it, you’re not going to arrest us or try to kill us?

Abbas: No, under no circumstances will I use violence and….hey, hey, where are you going?

Hamas & Islamic Jihad: (As they walk off firing their AK-47s in the air) Hooray! We can do whatever we want!

Abbas: Maybe we can talk tomorrow? Hello? Hey come back…please? Pretty please with sugar on it?

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have both openly said that they intend to keep attacking Israel whether the Palestinians get a state or not. So if Abbas says that he will, “not use force against Palestinian militants under any circumstances” then what exactly is Israel supposed to be getting out of this deal again? Even a ceasefire with these groups is meaningless because they’ll just use the time to rebuild their organizations and restart the violence at their leisure. To try to start a peace process while Hamas & Islamic Jihad are operating freely is senseless and the Bush administration should make that clear instead of continuing to push this “Roadmap” farce.

Hat Tip to Damian Penny.

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