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Earlier this week, I pointed out a DU thread dedicated to discussing dirty tricks for the 2004 election.

Well today, I found a similar thread that was aimed at someone who had the audacity to have a license plate that identified him as a member of the GOP. And there were plenty of Duer’s apparently outraged, outraged I say, at the idea that Republicans were driving on the same roads as Democrats! Here are some of their suggestions about how to get this eeevvvviiiilllll Republican (besides filing a false police report claiming the guy was driving recklessly)…

SCRUBDASHRUB: OK, this is juvenile but this is how fed up I am. I need to watch it because I don’t want to wind up getting shot, but I was driving to work and some idiot drove by me on the expressway whose license plate read 1GOP1 (I might add, he was driving completely arrogantly (no signalling, etc…typically of the party he’s so proud of).

I waited until he got far enough ahead of me and promptly flipped him the one finger salute, then gave him three fingers to spell “W” and the thumbs down symbol.

Jack @ss…

boobooday: “Don’t get shot. But really, he deserved it. It’s like smoking. We have to make it socially unacceptable to be a Republican.

That’s what they tried to do to the word “liberal.” Time to ATTACK BACK!!”

nicecakes: Sure thing. Time to go beyond politics and get personal to start a new civil war! After enough victories we will be the only party and one party rule will rool!

MadProphetMargin: “That’s not juvenile. Juvenile would have meant following him to a gas station, and “improving” his license plates when he went in to pay.

Try this one: On a Friday, after working hours, put a crack & peel sign on your local republican headquarter’s (8.5X11 crack & peel inkjet paper is available at any major office supply company) front door. Have the sign read “Whites only – Blacks please use rear entrance.”

With any luck, it will remain up until Monday. For additional fun, call the local papers and complain about what you “just saw”.

Master election prankster.”

lastknowngood: “Call DMV with tag # and get his address then send off for some gay porn to be shipped to his house. Just one of my little evil ideas to use on arrogant christens and prudes.”

Nice guys, really nice…

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