Massachusetts Replaces Iraq In Axis Of Evil By William Grim

Secretary of State Colin Powell announced this morning that Massachusetts has replaced Iraq in the Axis of Evil. He stated that while there are no immediate plans for the United States to invade Massachusetts, America is closely monitoring the Massachusetts situation and may ask the UN Security Council to impose tougher sanctions on the rogue state.

Massachusetts strongman Barney Frank welcomed Secretary Powell’s announcement. “We are looking forward to engaging the United States in battle and to defeating the great Satan America.”

Residents of New Hampshire, however, are calling for the immediate invasion of Massachusetts by the United States. Guerillas from Massachusetts have recently been slipping over the border and raising the taxes of New Hampshirites during the night.

“It’s a humanitarian disaster of monumental proportions,” said New Hampshire citizen Bob “Bucky” McNulty who recently discovered that Massachusetts insurgents had imposed a 110% state withholding tax on his job as a policeman in the town of Granite Flats, New Hampshire.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has rushed Army Rangers to protect American cities that border Massachusetts. “We aren’t going to let ‘Old’ New England get away with any more crimes against humanity,” Secretary Rumsfeld assured the residents of New Hampshire. “America stands tall with New England against the rogue state of Massachusetts.”

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