Who Funded “Nannygate” Against the Meg Whitman Campaign?

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

Who funded “Nannygate” against the Meg Whitman for California governor campaign?

San Francisco Chronicle’s Carla Marinucci:

“One of the most tantalizing mysteries in California’s 2010 gubernatorial election involved the connection between one of the state’s poorest women and one of its wealthiest.: 

How did an undocumented, Mexican-born housekeeper, Nicandra Diaz Santillan, end up in the national spotlight, boldly confronting her former boss, billionaire GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman?

The short answer: with the help of a union.”

Read it all on the link above, but we all KNEW that there had to be big money behind this housekeeper who suddenly “appeared” one week before the election, one YEAR after being fired by Whitman. :  Who would be paying the legal fees for liberalista-face-lifty attorney Gloria Allred and the immigration attorney Marc van:  der Hout?: 

Gloria Allred and Nicky Diaz
: : : : : : :  Gloria Allred and Nicky Diaz

: Who, indeed?.: 

The California Nurse’s union is the same one that sent hundreds of protesters: from all over the state, : during the middle of a business day to stand on the front lawn of Meg Whitman’s home.: :  While complaining that they are so-short-staffed and care SO much about their patients, how is it that hordes: of them could take the day:  off to protest a candidate for governor?

California nurses protest
: : : : : : : : : : : : : :  California nurses protest

The California Nurses Association is the same union which had one of its staff members assault cameramen for the Meg Whitman campaign on videotape.: 

Queen Meg of the CNA--is she a nurse or a paid actress or...?
“Queen Meg” of the CNA–was : she a nurse or a paid actress or…?

CNA goon who assaulted Meg Whitman’s cameramen caught “red-handed” on video

Refresh your memory on the links below:

CNA Union “Sluggo” Who Attacked Meg Whitman Cameramen Id’d

Jerry Brown’s Union Goons Appear: Assault and Trespassing in 24 Hours

Meg Whitman found out that no matter how many millions of dollars she had of her own to spend, Jerry Brown and his army of tax-payer paid government union fat cats have the very “deep pockets” of the California taxpayer to fund their opposition.:  If Whitman wasn’t able to overcome the labor : machine politics in California, who can?

Time to take California into bankruptcy to BREAK the public employee union contracts.: : Democracy is at stake.

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