Who Is Screwing Up America According To John Hawkins

Here’s my entry in the Who Is Screwing Up America survey with short but sweet explanations for whom I selected:

The six non-conservative Supremes have probably done as much damage as the rest of the list put together:

Stephen Breyer
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
John Paul Stevens
Sandra Day O’Connor
Anthony Kennedy
David Souter

The two former POTUS who’ve run around the world undercutting American foreign policy:

Bill Clinton
Jimmy Carter

The race baiters who make a living helping to drum up racial strife:

Julian Bond
Louis Farrakhan

The ultra-left wingers who’ve dragged the Democratic Party leftward and helped to make them completely useless in the war on terror:

Wes Boyd (MoveOn)
Robert Byrd
Howard Dean
Al Gore
Michael Moore

The left’s big money man:

George Soros

The man who makes a living teaching America college kids to hate their own country:

Noam Chomsky

Leader of the ACLU, the group on the point in the left’s attack on Christianity

Anthony Romero

The man responsible for misinforming more Americans about economics than anyone else:

Paul Krugman

The man most responsible for undercutting the Republican Party from within

John McCain

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