Why are some Lefties so worried about an Obama impeachment?

Why is Steve Benen so worried about an Obama impeachment? What does he think Obama has done?

He writes:

It’s tempting to think of impeachment as a far-fetched, silly idea, barring actual impeachable offenses. But the more I think about it, the more I remember this is the House Republican caucus we’re dealing with. They’re a creative bunch, with no real appreciation for norms or limits.

He links Jonathan Bernstein, who has the same concern:

I continue to believe that if Obama sits in the White House for six years with a GOP majority in the House of Representatives that the odds are very good — better than 50 percent — that he’ll be impeached.

What a couple of racists. Years ago, Arsenio Hall made a joke about America’s first black astronaut. Hall said the astronaut had better make sure no tools went missing, because “you know they’re gonna blame the brother.”

So what the hell, Benen and Bernstein? Are you so very sure America’s first black president is going to break the law?

That is an important criterion for impeachment. Obama would actually have to do something illegal like, just to pull a random example right out of thin air, lie to a grand jury.

Bernstein, at least, offers one potential example:

…if offering a job to a potential Senate candidate is an impeachable offense…then they’ll have no trouble at all coming up with something.

I wonder: even if we had Obama on tape ordering Rahm Emanuel to offer Joe Sestak a job in exchange for dropping out of the PA Senate race, would that be enough? It is against the law (or so I’ve read). If Republicans attempt impeachment, they’d better have a lot to go on. It better be crystal clear, and something the public will be angry about.

The Sestak thing? Meh.

Besides, we don’t have Obama on tape. We don’t know that he knew any offer was made, much less authorized it himself. Oh, sure, I wouldn’t be surprised. But we don’t know, and we’re not going to.

It’s more likely that they’re foreshadowing with intent to forestall. As Benen points out, Republicans “predicted” in 2006 that Democrats would impeach President Bush, or try to. Those predictions became common talk fodder, and may have helped stave an actual impeachment attempt off. My guess: that’s all Benen and Bernstein are doing.

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