Why I Am Now Supporting John McCain For President

As RWN’s regular readers already know, I have been a harsh critic of John McCain for a long time and back in May, I wrote a post called, “Why I Will No Longer Support John McCain For President.” That post was widely linked and was probably why I was blackballed from the Republican National Convention.

However, I’ve been wavering on my “non-vote” in the 2008 election for a while. That’s not because I’ve warmed up to McCain; it’s because of my concerns about Barack Obama.

Of course, it goes without saying that Obama is incredibly liberal, too inexperienced to be President, has terrible judgment (See Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers), and isn’t particularly bright for a senator (See his 57 states gaffe, among others).

However, the real problem with Obama isn’t just that he’s incompetent, it’s that he’s an incompetent who seems to think he’s a genius. Never has a man so unaccomplished been so overly proud of his non-achievements.

Compare him to say, Jimmy Carter, who was far too naive to be President and did such a poor job that he could fairly be considered the least capable man to hold that job in the last century. Carter, for all his naivete, had served in the military, run a business, and been governor of a state. On the other hand, Obama shares Carter’s liberalism and naivete, but doesn’t have his experience, and is arrogant enough to believe it doesn’t matter.

For that matter, compare Barack Obama to a liberal who is, let’s say, a middle manager at Circuit City or IBM. Who would you rather have as President — Obama or that random manager? I’d take the random manager because at least that person would probably be humble enough to realize how much he doesn’t know about America’s most important job — and that is what we’re talking about, folks.

The presidency is literally the single most important job not just in the country, but on our planet. The President of the United States has a nuclear arsenal capable of destroying the world at his fingertips, is Commander-In-Chief of the most powerful military in the world, and is making decisions on a daily basis that affect the lives of more than 300 million Americans. Even setting aside his ideology, what in the world is there about Barack Obama that convinces anyone he’s ready to handle that kind of responsibility?

This is not some Wunderkind, not some man who has shown unparalleled genius in his short time in the public spotlight; he’s a green, gaffe-prone, unaccomplished senator who’s good at reading speeches off a teleprompter — that’s it. That’s what he brings to the table — and not only is it not enough, it’s dangerous to the future of our country to have that kind of mediocrity in charge.

That being said, it may have been Barack’s inability to do the job that had me rethinking my non-vote for McCain, but it has been the Left’s treatment of Sarah Palin that put me over the top.

Granted, “Politics ain’t beanbag” and everybody with half a brain knows the mainstream media is in the tank for Obama, so it’s no surprise that Sarah Palin hasn’t been treated fairly by the press.

However, the rumors, lies, and attacks on Sarah Palin’s family, many of which have been spread by the mainstream media, have been absolutely despicable.

Barack Obama was celebrated for being the first black candidate to have a chance at the Presidency. Hillary Clinton was celebrated for being the first woman to have a chance at the Presidency. Even Nancy Pelosi, who has been a political disaster, was celebrated for being the first female Speaker of the House.

Yet, when Sarah Palin, a woman more qualified to be President that Barack Obama, was selected as the first Republican VP, there was no celebration, no congratulations, just a smear campaign that has been unprecedented in American politics.

Andrew Sullivan, the Daily Kos, and the rest of the slime merchants drug everyone from Palin’s baby to her husband through the mud. Then the same mainstream media that spent weeks protecting John Edwards immediately launched countless attacks at Palin’s family. Do a search on Sarah Palin’s name and you’ll find more disproved rumors and outright lies than facts — and it’s meant to send a bullying message to other conservative women.

“If you oppose the Left, we won’t just lie about you and try to destroy your reputation, we’ll come after your children, too. So, you just keep your mouth shut and stay out of the spotlight.”

The only way the Left can be persuaded not to continue these tactics is to defeat them. If the McCain/Palin ticket goes to the White House, the lies and attacks on Palin’s children will be considered to be a failure, and the Left will back off. If not — if they win — you will see even more attacks on the families of conservatives. In other words, it’s sad to say, but the only way to protect the families of conservatives is to hit the Left in the only place that really hurts them — at the ballot box.

Despite the fact that I have a lot of differences with John McCain, I am going vote for him and I would encourage you to do the same. Whatever else you may say about the man, he is capable of handling the presidency and his election will teach the Left more about common decency than any mere words ever could.

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