Why Is Coakley Hiding Out?

My introduction to the less superficial elements of the race to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat in the Senate came via the blogging efforts of Sissy Willis. The notion that we can strike a blow against ObamaCare with this race was interesting. Today, I came upon this. What’s the deal? Sign on to the party of Kennedy in the right state, keep your mouth shut and you’ll be a Senator? Is that what our politics should: be about: right now? The debates taking place in Washington today are too important for more of the same old thing.

While Coakley has been reticent to talk to the media (she declined repeated interview requests from the Worcester Business Journal and submitted only a written statement), both Brown and Kennedy are making their case to the media.

Of course, it doesn’t thrill me to see a third party Libertarian candidate involved. I’m assuming that’ll make it that much: more difficult: for a Republican to win. But if Coakley is willing to just take a pass and not engage: on the issues, what’s she going to: do in DC? Who will she be taking orders from then?: She certainly doesn’t seem to feel responsible to the people in any way given her ducking the media now. That would be reason enough for me: to not vote for her all by itself.

Now, McCain has endorsed Brown. And Romney has said it would be history making if Brown were to win.

I don’t care what wing of the GOP they’re from. If we are going to get America on the right track via Tea Parties and grassroots activism of all stripes, so the people, not the usual politicians are running things, then we have to make history in 2010.

Have you checked your calender lately? That’s the year we’re in, folks. If we’re going to make history when we need to, now seems as good a: time as any to try and make a start.

You can support Scott Brown here via the web.

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