Why Obama Is Like A Televangelist Who Parties In A Brothel Every Night

It’s just so WEIRD to hear Republicans called “the party of the rich” and “the party of Wall Street” because we don’t hate the rich and believe in free market principles. On the other hand, liberals preach hate rhetoric against the wealthy while they crawl into bed with those same people at every opportunity. It’s like listening to a televangelist give a sermon about the evils of prostitution when you hear about his partying in a brothel every night.

President Barack Obama will return to New York on March 1 for a fundraiser with investment bankers and hedge fund managers, according to a campaign invitation, marking his first high dollar event there since calling for increased taxes on the wealthy in his 2013 budget.

….The $35,800-per-person dinner at ABC Kitchen, the first of the evening’s four fund-raising events, is being hosted by many of Obama’s top Wall Street donors, according to a person familiar with the matter. Sponsors include Blair W. Effron, partner and co-founder of Centerview Partners LLP; Marc Lasry, managing partner and founder of Avenue Capital Group; Mark Gallogly, a managing principal of Centerbridge Partners; James Rubin, managing director of BC Partners; Robert Wolf, UBS AG’s chairman for the Americas; and Antonio Weiss, global head of investment banking at Lazard Ltd.

Wait a second…aren’t those the dreaded Wall Street 1%ers? You think they’re dropping $36,000 a head to help a guy who they think is going to hurt them?

Here’s more of the same.

The Holmby Hills event is expected to be a star-studded affair, co-hosted by actor Will Ferrell and his wife.

The event, which costs up to $38,000 per person to attend, will be held at the home of Bradley Bell, the co-creator of “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Among the entertainment at the event is a performance by the band Foo Fighters, who won five Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

You think these filthy rich, Hollywood 1%ers are dropping that kind of dough in Obama’s pocket because he’s such a nice guy? Are you stupid?

Let me explain. The wealthy businessmen/corporations tend to like Republicans because they’re pro-free market and they’re all about low taxes.

They like Democrats because they’re willing to use the power of government to help them and hurt their competitors. While it’s true that the more regulations you have, the more you slow down the economy, it doesn’t impact everyone equally. Regulations that can put “Joe’s computers” out of business are a tiny inconvenience to a corporation like Microsoft. That’s why these regulations can often be a feature, not a bug, to big companies like Microsoft. Plus, even better, corporations can often get special exemptions written into the laws that allow them to escape the full force of regulations that are crushing their smaller competitors.

This is why Democrats, not Republicans, actually get more of the big money. Republicans are the cows that give away the milk for free. We’re going to be for the free market and low taxes whether they’re given money or not. Democrats on the other hand, are like snooty prostitutes. You pay them enough and even though they don’t particularly like you, they’ll let you do whatever you want under the covers.

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