Why Should We Get Rid

Why Should We Get Rid Of Saddam?: Jane Galt commented on her blog that,

“I am uncomfortable with much of the blind hatred we’ve displaced onto Iraq as a result of 9/11. But I have yet to hear a single compelling justification for allowing Sadaam Hussein to continue to breathe, much less leave him in control of Iraq. I’d like to see both sides step out of the echo chamber and into the ring for a reasonable debate instead of silly straw-man arguments.”

Well, it was Right Wing News to the rescue! Here’s most of the email I sent her explaining why IMO we should hit Iraq…

Saddam is just a stepping stone, not the end game. The reason we should hit Saddam is essentially the same reason that we may need to invade Iran, Syria, Lebanon, & Saudi Arabia: Because they support terrorist groups and they hate us. (North Korea is a slightly different case although to be fair they were on the State department’s terrorist-sponsoring nations list before 9/11 and still are.)

If we want to break the back of global terror organizations then we must convince the nations that support, protect, and aid them to cease doing so and actually turn against them. Unless that’s done, we cannot make significant long-term gains in the ‘War on Terrorism.’ As our experiences with Iraq & Iran have proven, economic sanctions can’t get the job done. So we have to use our military if we’re going to make it happen.

Furthermore, Iraq is our natural first choice for invasion. Hussein hates us, deals with terrorists, and is pursuing weapons of mass destruction. Furthermore, we can use the fact that he is technically in violation of the terms of the agreement made after the Gulf War to give us some cover for hitting him. Moreover, Iraq is strategically important for a number of reasons. Getting rid of Saddam gives us another source of oil that will help us cut our ties to Saudi Arabia, will help isolate the Palestinians, and also gives a land base we can use to launch attacks into Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and even Saudi Arabia if need be.

Last but not least, If Saddam goes down we may be able to give the people of Iran just enough help to overthrow the mullahs without having to do a major invasion. Then with Iraq and Iran in our camp, I think Syria, their puppet state Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia will turn on the terrorists & terrorist supporting entities they support rather than risk meeting the same fate as Iraq and Iran.

So we should hit Iraq? Absolutely. They’re next…but they’re not the last in line.

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