Why The Parties In DC Can’t Cooperate

Yesterday, while I was out walking the dog, I had a neighbor ask me why the Republicans and Democrats in DC can’t cooperate. I explained it like so….

Getting the GOP and Democrats to work together would be like getting Adam Smith and Vladimir Lenin to put together a joint economic plan. In other words, it’s not even a case where the Republicans want to fix steak and potatoes and the Democrats want to prepare quiche. It goes beyond that because both sides believe the other side’s “solutions” will actually make things worse.

So, the Republicans are preparing “steak and potatoes,” but the Democrats see rat poison. Meanwhile the Democrats think they’re cooking quiche, but actually they’re cooking up Strychnine….and, yes, I’m flat out saying that the Democrats, who are completely dominated by liberals, are in the wrong.

“Moderates” tend to look at the whole issue and say, “Gee, why can’t you just split the difference?” Well, how do you split the difference between capitalism and socialism, steak and Strychnine, or quiche and rat poison?

This is why almost everything that comes out of DC is bad for the country. It’s because almost every bill that gets passed features two completely incompatible belief structures being spliced together. The exceptions to that rule were even worse than normal, because for Obama’s first two years in office, we got pure Strychnine with no steak and potatoes to dilute it at all.

Is there a fix for all of this?

Well, in a system with checks and balances, it’s tough to vote in enough of one side to dominate. Moreover, liberalism is closer to a religious belief system than a political philosophy; so no matter how times their ideas fail, it’s not going to faze them. Moreover, since liberals control the press, it would be nearly impossible to educate the public on what’s really going on.

So, real change for the better comes very slowly and very surely — until we run up against a crisis situation, at which point both parties are likely to panic and finally cooperate when they do something dumb that makes the situation worse.

That’s the sad truth of the matter….

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