Will New Yorkers choose image over substance in mayoral race

Will New Yorkers choose image over substance in mayoral race

New Yorkers are faced with a choice between a competent battle-tested managers in Joe Lhota, the Republican candidate for New Yorker mayor, and charismatic Democrat Bill de Blasio.

Joe Lhota

Joe Lhota

Joe Lhota was a former deputy mayor for Rudy Giuliani who was at his side during the dark days of the 911 attacks.As first deputy mayor he stood firm during a traumatic time and his leadership skills shined.His mettle was tested and he passed with flying colors.

Bill de Blasio doesn’t any leadership skills of note because he’s never ran anything (sound familiar: think community organizer from Chicago).

However, his mixed race son, Dante, does have a very big Afro.And that Afro plus the fact his wife is African American and a former Lesbian, was enough to make several progressive constituency groups for gaga in the Democrat Primary.

Bill de Blasio and his sons Afro

Bill de Blasio and his sons Afro

But, what else is there to Bill de Blasio?Not much other than boilerplate wealth redistribution, taxing the rich, yada yada yada.: : 

Let’s stipulate that Bill de Blasio loves his wife and children.We can all agree he has a beautiful family.But that’s not requisite qualifications to run a touch city.In fact de Blasio promises to undo the very policies that have made Mew York the safest big city in the country in exchange to get votes.

Does that make any sense?

Substance and experience matters.: :  Image can be very alluring but often times leads to horrible results.: : : 

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