Will the Democrats Apologize for Not Creating a Budget? (VIDEO)

It’s rather shocking that this Democrat Congress — well known by now for their spend-and-borrow tactics — would fail to produce even a budget outline for the coming year. Do the American people not deserve a little direction on where their hard earned taxpayer dollars will be going, and in what vague amounts? The most basic aspect of gaining fiscal responsibility over one’s personal life is to set a budget. I can only imagine what financial guru Dave Ramsey must be thinking right now! In fact, perhaps someone should Tweet @BarackObama or @LeaderHoyer with a link to Ramsey’s website, which offers tools and resources for budgeting.

Will the Obama Administration apologize to the public for this massive failure? Doubtful. Vice-President Joe Biden couldn’t even respond respectfully — or take a joke — when the manager of small business asked him to lower taxes this weekend. You know what they say about being defensive…

On that note, the House Republican Conference created a video entitled “Breaking News: Budget Cancelled!”, which I’ve pasted below. Take a look:

*Full disclosure: I work for the House Republican Conference.

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