‘Winking Murderer’ who threw his daughter into a river strapped to her car seat doesn’t apologize for killing toddler

‘Winking Murderer’ who threw his daughter into a river strapped to her car seat doesn’t apologize for killing toddler

After sentencing the Winking Murderer, Arthur Morgan apologized. Not for murdering his child. Instead, just before he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison, Arthur Morgan III apologized to the child’s mother for the breakdown of their relationship.

Murderer winking Arthur Morgan

‘I want to say I’m sorry for the deterioration of what I thought was a beautiful friendship between the two of us that blossomed into a daughter,’ Morgan told Imani Benton. ‘For anybody that was truly affected by this, I hope we can all heal from this situation, knowing Tierra is in a better place.’

He also said his courtroom wink following his conviction was to reassure his sister he was not upset at the verdict. Superior Court Judge Anthony J. Mellaci said that there were no mitigating circumstances in the case and that if New Jersey still had the death penalty, ‘you would be candidate No.1’.

‘This child was alive when she was placed in the water in pitch darkness, and had to suffer the unthinkable action of having water rush in and fill her lungs while strapped into that car seat,’ the judge said. ‘This child suffered before she died.’

In April, the jury convicted Morgan of murdering Tierra, who lived with her mother, while on a day visit with him on November 21, 2011.

During his trial the jury listened in horror as they were told how Morgan strapped his own child to her pink-flowered car seat, then tied a five-pound metal car jack to the seat and threw the literal ball and chain into a Shark River Park stream.

According to the autopsy, it took up to five minutes for little Tierra to drown. Prosecutors had said he killed Tierra to get back at her mother for breaking off their engagement. They said he weighed down her pink car seat with a tire jack to ensure it would sink.

Her body was pulled from a creek in Wall Township, about 20 miles from her Lakehurst home, with one tiny black and purple sneaker sticking out of the water.

An excerpt from the trial really shows what a monster he is:

‘I told her I loved her, and I gave her a kiss,’ Morgan replied.

Morgan insisted his daughter was not dead when he left the area.

‘I still heard some noises,’ he said. ‘I heard her. She sounded like she was crying.’

He said he drove away and never returned.

This horrible man sounds like a sociopath good thing they locked him up before he could leave any other precious babies crying and drowning.

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