Woman Drowns in Australia Flooding

At New York Times, “Floods Kill Woman in Australia.”

A full report from PA Pundits International: “Queensland Australia Flood Disaster Central — Rockhampton.”

And from The Australian, “Military sends supplies to Rockhampton.” Also, an editorial at the paper, “Resilience in facing catastrophe“:

Australia must plan and build for extremes of climate

FOR many city dwellers watching the Queensland floods on plasma screens, the prospect of camping on baking roofs surrounded by putrid floodwaters submerging homes, farms and towns is barely imaginable. So, too, is the stoicism with which outback and regional Australians are facing the crisis, especially after a decade or more of crippling drought.

The rest of Australia, and indeed the world, can only admire the hardiness and resilience of those who have been ravaged by the continent’s climatic extremes repeatedly and who have become resigned to them. As one family whose home is on the banks of Rockhampton’s Fitzroy River philosophically told The Australian’s Graham Lloyd last week: “We’ve been through it before, we’ve been through a lot of floods. It’s part of living here . . . when they come, they come.” And so do the snakes, the debris and billions of dollars damage.

As usual, the response of local government, police and Queensland State Emergency Service staff to the crisis has been outstanding. Driving into floodwaters at night until the vehicle is almost submerged then boating to rescue terrified children clinging to the branches of trees in a crocodile-infested river is not for the faint-hearted. Authorities have done an excellent job notifying local government officials, police and residents in plenty of time about flooded rivers and the need to evacuate.

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