Woman Living Luxurious Lifestyle is Sentenced for Stealing $377,000 in Government Benefits

Woman Living Luxurious Lifestyle is Sentenced for Stealing $377,000 in Government Benefits

Americans have always prided themselves on having a strong sense of individualism and self-reliance. Many use to believe that those who couldn’t take care of themselves were to blame for their own misfortunes. Private institutions did a very good job at taking care of the sick and disabled and those who had run on hard times. In the early 1900’s government started getting involved and instituted safety-net programs that destroyed America’s sense of self care forever. Since then many unemployed people have tried screwing the welfare system as their full-time job. Gloria Valle-Clas is just one of those rare folks who have gotten caught after her luxurious lifestyle on the dole had been revealed to authorities.

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Gloria Valle-Clas in driver’s license photos taken a day apart (pictured above)

A Florida woman living a life of luxury in a one-acre manicured lot and driving a Mercedes was sentenced for stealing up to $377,000 in government benefits using 12 aliases.
WPXI reported:

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With a round pool in the backyard, a Mercedes and a boat in the driveway and a greenhouse and an aviary nearby, the Florida house doesn’t look like it was owned by someone who qualified for public assistance.

But it was.

While living the life of luxury on a 1-acre manicured lot, Gloria Valle-Clas collected between $305,000 and $377,000 in food stamps, housing assistance and Medicaid benefits. Using two separate Social Security numbers and as many as 12 aliases, she duped government agencies into sending her monthly assistance checks and picking up her medical bills for nearly a decade.

“Conduct like this should incense all Americans,” U.S. District Judge Kenneth Ryskamp said Thursday. “To be ripping off our government – every agency by every means possible.”
While her attorney Gregg Lerman suggested a roughly 3 1/2-year sentence, Ryskamp said that wasn’t enough. He tacked on roughly another year.

“I just think this is about as low as it gets,” Ryskamp said in sentencing Valle-Clas to 51 months in prison, the maximum allowed under federal rules. He also ordered her to pay $283,359 in restitution.

My ex-husbands family was collecting checks under his parents names who did not live in the United States. They had his parents become citizens so they could collect welfare and assistance under their names even though they never lived in the United States. My husband at the time was so humiliated to find out that he reported the fraud to welfare 3 times. Nothing happened.

The case above where this woman was caught and tried in a court of law for welfare fraud is a rare case. In my experience the welfare system wants as many people on assistance they can muster which is why they advertise in low-income communities. The more assistance they pay out… the more their departments can employ. Whom they are paying doesn’t matter. If you know of someone committing welfare fraud, do not turn them into the welfare department… go directly to your district attorney to report the crime.

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