Woman’s boyfriend breaks arm and leg of two year old twins in beating & tries to blame it on 4 year old with plastic bat

Woman’s boyfriend breaks arm and leg of two year old twins in beating & tries to blame it on 4 year old with plastic bat

David Devine severely beat up 2-yr old defenseless female twins while their mother was away causing one of the babies to lose her ability to walk, what a monster.

emily walker twins abused

A Maine mother of twin girls who were brutally assaulted while in the care of her live-in boyfriend says she may never know what happened the night they were injured. Emily Walker left her twin two-year-old daughters and her four-year-old son in the care of David Devine, 25, while she worked on May 11. When she arrived at the mobile home the family shared in Oakland, she found all three children much too quiet. Brooklyn was lying silently on a couch and Maddilyn was on a bean bag chair.

‘She was almost unconscious,’ Walker told the Press Herald. ‘I touched her arm and I knew right there that it was broken.’

Maddilyn’s arm was broken, and Brooklyn had suffered a broken leg, internal bruising and a shattered elbow. Both girls were bleeding heavily from the nose, reports the Online Sentinel, and Maddilyn was dazed and having trouble breathing.

‘It’s probably going to be a mystery that will always bother me for the rest of my life, unfortunately,’ Walker told KJ Online. ‘No one’s going to get exactly what happened.’

Devine told Walker that her son Wyatt had caused the injuries by hitting the little girls with a plastic toy bat outside the home. She relayed the information to the dispatcher but even as she spoke she began to doubt the veracity of Devine’s story.

‘It just didn’t add up,’ she told the Press Herald. ‘His story started to change and the time frames were off.’

The Press Herald reports that investigators found a small bloody handprint on the inside of a closet wall, blood smears on a dresser in the girls’ room, ‘blood splatter marks on the wall in the hallway’ and more blood near a window inside the home. Police said the nature of the little girls’ injuries was so severe that a four-year-old could not have caused them.

Twelve days after the attacks, Devine was arrested and charged with assault. He and Walker had planned to marry, and she is pregnant with his child. Walker says he had never been violent or angry with the children before in her presence and he was planning to adopt the children as his own after their marriage.

Severe abuse on mothers young children from their live-in boyfriends is more common than you think. It is hugely preventable by keeping unrelated men out of the home. The number one decision a mother should make is… what is more important? Her relationship with a man or the safety of her children.

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