WooHoo! Germany Finally Solves The Mystery Of 9/11!

And you’ll never guess who did it!

Has the entire world gone mad? It’s not enough for Dana Milbank to imply that Bush ships people who criticize him off to Gitmo or Linda Foley to say US troops are targeting journalists. No one seems interested in these outright slanders, nor in their obvious lack of truthfulness.

Now German PBS has run a mystery show, the plot of which places the Bush family behind the 9/11 attacks:

Throughout the mystery the woman was chased by groups of unidentified villains who were out to kill her because she had a CD with photographic evidence of the Boston hijacker who got away. The subtext of the plot was her explicitly stated allegation that 9-11 was instigated by the Bush family for oil and power. The hit men were CIA/FBI types and the TV audience is led to believe they were the ones who killed the pilot and were now after the woman to insure her story would never be known. The conclusion of the mystery has the detectives believing her story as she escapes the CIA by fleeing to an unnamed Arab country.

Got it. BushReich bad. US intelligence…evil. Arab countries good…safe.

I’m so glad we could clear that up. It’s good to know which side you’re on.

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