Wyoming and Colorado never had this problem — North, South Carolina had their border wrong!

Back in 1735, using poles and chains and the sun, surveyors mapped out the border between North and South Carolina.

But today:

…modern-day surveyors, using computers and GPS systems, redrew the border to narrow it down to the centimeter. Their results put the new line about 150 feet south of the old one and placed Boulware’s Lake Wylie Minimarket in North Carolina, where the gas prices are 30 cents higher and the fireworks that boost his bottom line are illegal.

“If I end up across the line, it is going to shut this business down,” Boulware said.

How weird.

…for the owners of 93 properties who suddenly find themselves in another state, it’s a bureaucratic nightmare. The state line determines so much in their lives – what schools they go to, what area code their phone number starts with even who provides them gas and electricity. Small utility cooperatives in South Carolina are banned from extending services across the state line. Most of the properties in question are near Charlotte, N.C.

And, plus, you have to go from being a football fan to a basketball fan.

Surely, one would think, these property owners could somehow make an appeal to have the line re-drawn. It’s a unique circumstance, after all. Not like you’re setting a precedent.

Or…there’s a legal term for claiming ownership of a piece of property based solely on the fact that you’ve cared for that piece of property for a long time. Could even be a piece of your neighbor’s yard. I can’t remember the term, but maybe South Carolina could claim something similar.

Dunno. What I do know is: this means there’s still hope for a return to the Northwest Ordinance of 1787!

(Posted by The TrogloPundit.)

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