Y’know, that might just be the point.

Bob Belvedere, in a post titled “Save The Environment, But Don’t Save Your Arse:”

…amidst the group of SUVs, compact, mid-size, and luxury cars, was a Smart Car and it looked so fragile, small, and helpless when directly compared to all of the other vehicles, even the compacts.

His point: those dinky little Smart Cars won’t save you in a head-on collision with anything bigger than a squirrel, and maybe not even then. Click over for pics.

But, see, maybe that’s all part of the plan. Who wants us all driving these ridiculous little cars? Enviro-wackos. Who thinks human population is way too big and probably destroying the planet? Enviro-wackos. So: get us to help the environment by driving stupid little itsy-bitsy cars, and then maybe the environment gets helped even further when there’s fewer of us around because of those stupid little itsy-bitsy cars.

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Genius, really, when you think about it. Evil genius, sure, but still genius.

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