You Have GOT To be Kidding…

Can the government do anything right? In the process that this takes, including being approved by Congress, no one….not one person, considered that this might be offensive???

The word “negro” is now featured on an official U.S. document and now many are questioning if the Census Bureau is being insensitive.

Question #9 on the this year’s census asks about your race. One of the boxes you can choose is “black,” “African American,” or “negro,” all placed next to the same box.

The excuse of why it’s on there?

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“Results from the census in 2000 showed that a number of respondents provided a write-in response of ‘negro’ when answering the question on race.”

A number? Exactly how many? Because unless it was thousands. I’m not buying it. They also say older blacks use the term to describe themselves. Really? In all these years since the civil rights movement and the census that we have taken since then, suddenly older blacks decided to write that in in the year 2000???


More likely someone thought this would be funny, and knew in this bureaucratic nightmare that is our government,:  no one would notice in the process.

Update: POWIP has another explanation.:  A pretty good one too.

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