Zell Miller Backhands Chris Matthews Into Next Week

Zell Miller went on Hardball last night and when Chris Matthews tried to pull his standard operating procedure, Miller stomped a mudhole in his behind and walked it dry while pointing out the incredibly rude & unprofessional way Matthews treated

I guess Matthews picked a fight with the wrong marine.

Here’s my favorite exchange from the interview…

MILLER: If you‘re going to ask a question…

MATTHEWS: Well, it‘s a tough question. It takes a few words.

MILLER: Get out of my face.


MILLER: If you are going to ask me a question, step back and let me answer.


MATTHEWS: Senator, please.

MILLER: You know, I wish we…


MILLER: I wish we lived in the day where you could challenge a person to a duel.


MILLER: Now, that would be pretty good.

Don‘t ask me—don‘t pull that…


MATTHEWS: Can you can come over? I need you, Senator. Please come over.

MILLER: Wait a minute. Don‘t pull that kind of stuff on me, like you did that young lady when you had her there, browbeating her to death. I am not her. I am not her.



MATTHEWS: Let me tell you, she was suggesting that John Kerry purposely shot himself to win a medal. And I was trying to correct the record.

MILLER: You get in my face, I am going to get back in your face.


MILLER: The only reason you are doing it is because you are standing way over there in Herald Square.


MATTHEWS: Senator, Senator, can I speak softly to you? I would really like you to…

MILLER: What? No, no, no, because you won‘t give me a chance to answer. You ask these questions and then you just talk over what I am trying to answer, just like you did that woman the other day.

MATTHEWS: Well, Senator…

MILLER: I don‘t know why I even came on this program.

Chris Matthews is another Morton Downey Jr. and it was great to see someone lay the verbal smackdown on him that he so richly deserved. I loved it, absolutely LOVED IT…

Hat tip to CavalierX from Guardian Watchblog for pointing this out.

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