Fast Food Workers and Unions Demand $15 an Hour in Hundreds of Cities Nationwide [Video]

Fast Food Workers and Unions Demand $15 an Hour in Hundreds of Cities Nationwide [Video]

Low income fast food workers are protesting today in hundreds of cities across the US for a $15 minimum wage. You know, because that’s working so well in Seattle where businesses are closing and people are being laid off all over the place because of this insanity. The protesters are trying to sway the 2016 election with their presence and voice. This is to kick off a year-long campaign to muster the political power of 64 million low-wage workers in next year’s presidential election. This is the largest show of force by this group in three years and is the latest in a string of rallies by radicals, Marxists, union workers, communists and those mistakenly believing that they should determine wages and not the free market. The unions are pushing this and eating it up, especially SEIU.

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From Breitbart:

Fast food workers are striking on Tuesday as they demand $15 an hour, which is allegedly a more livable wage.

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Protesters in New York gathered outside a Brooklyn McDonald’s. In September, the New York Department of Labor approved a $15 an hour wage for those in fast food.

Even Mayor Bill DeBlasio attended the rally.

Detroit witnessed over 200 workers this morning outside of a McDonald’s.

“I’m here to fight for $15 and a union,” said Lakecha Jackson, 37, a mother of two girls. “That would be a lot for me.”

Organizers scheduled another rally for 4PM at the Coleman A. Young Building. Workers from auto parts stores, groceries, and farms will attend the protest.

“We want the elected officials to know, if they don’t stand with the 54,000-plus fast-food workers, we’re not going to stand with them,” exclaimed Pastor W.J. Rideout III. “We’re mobilizing to let elected officials know, if they do not stand for fast-food workers, we’re not going to elect them to office when it’s time to vote again.”

Fast food employees protested outside of a McDonald’s in Philadelphia.

In Miami, SEIU claims there will be more than 600 people at two separate protests. Health care workers are expected to join the fast-food employees at a protest scheduled at 6PM in downtown Miami.

Tens of thousands of workers and supporters were taking part in rallies planned for 1,000 cities across the nation, beginning around dawn at McDonald’s outlets in downtown Brooklyn, Boston and Philadelphia, among other locations. Protests also were taking place for low-paid home care, child care, farm, nursing home and other workers seeking to make their voices heard. Everyone has their hand out and is demanding they get theirs. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio addressed a demonstration in Brooklyn, saying Fight for $15 has “changed this city, changed this state, and changed this nation.” New York State has approved a law to gradually increase the minimum wage for fast food workers to $15. Yeah and people are losing their jobs all over the city because of de Blasio’s Marxist moves.

USA Today:

The National Restaurant Association says a $15 base wage would force employers to replace workers with technology, such as touch-screen ordering tablets. And it notes that about 90% of restaurants are small businesses that lack deep pockets. “Fifteen dollars is too far, too fast,” says group spokeswoman Christin Fernandez.

Michael Mabry, chief operating officer of MOOYAH Burgers, Fries, & Shakes, with 76 U.S. franchises, says the chain’s workers earn an average $9 to $14 an hour and hiking base pay to $15 would force franchisees to raise prices, cut per-store staffing from six to four workers, or a combination. Outlets, he adds, would not hire teenage workers at that rate, removing an entree into the workforce for many Americans.

There you have it. Want fries with that?

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