Richard Trumka Pleads With Other Liberals to Allow Dakota Access Pipeline to Create Jobs

Richard Trumka Pleads With Other Liberals to Allow Dakota Access Pipeline to Create Jobs

As with the Keystone XL Pipeline that liberals killed for ideological reasons, the Dakota Access Pipeline would create thousands of jobs. This has created conflict between 100% moonbats (e.g., Jill Stein) and those whose objectives are not entirely pernicious:

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka announced his support for the Dakota Access Pipeline, a proposed 1,200-mile project capable of transporting nearly 500,000 barrels of crude oil daily from North Dakota to Illinois. Trumka said that union workers and the region will benefit from the 4,500 jobs the project is expected to create and touted the safety and efficiency of pipeline transportation of crude oil.

But as a rule, progressives detest oil, which is the lifeblood of our economy and enables our standard of living.

The Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA), a member group of the AFL-CIO with more than 20 chapters nationwide, joined a coalition of minority union workers to oppose the project. The Labor Coalition for Community Action, composed of the APALA, the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, the Coalition of Labor Union Women, the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, among others, said that the union must stand in solidarity with minority communities, rather than “corporate greed.”

“Corporate greed” is Liberalese for “economically productive activity.”

By the standards of the rest of the leftists running things, Trumka is a voice of sanity:

“Trying to make climate policy by attacking individual construction projects is neither effective nor fair to the workers involved. The AFL-CIO calls on the Obama Administration to allow construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline to continue.”

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals issued an emergency injunction halting work on the pipeline, which allegedly oppresses Indians by passing near a reservation and threatening to disturb some cairns.

As they consolidate power, it becomes doubtful that lunatic leftists will allow any major construction projects for much longer. If Trumka is forward-looking, he will find a way to unionize welfare recipients, because workers will be in short supply.

Moonbats protesting against employment and energy in faraway Los Angeles.

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