Unions: One for All or All for One?

Labor unions, while useful if they stick to their intended purpose, are out of date. They have become political entities hiding behind the facade of worker’s rights. Teacher’s unions, for instance, fight for the rights of teachers to remain employed despite serious charges, such as sexual misconduct with a minor. However, these same unions are the ones claiming that they put students above everything else.

While individual union members have the right to engage in political processes, unions themselves should not.  Millions of dollars are donated to political campaigns by unions (usually Democrat). Who decides where and how this money is spent? Well, some unions take a vote of the members, while some union leaders take it upon themselves to lead the treasury. So essentially, union workers are forced into a union in order to work in their field of choice or study, and then forced to pay dues to a person who may or may not be using it appropriately. And what if you don’t agree with the candidate or cause your dues support? Too bad. If you’re outvoted, you don’t get a choice.

Ever wonder why right to work states are so popular? Essentially, unions are charging you for the opportunity to work in the field that you just spent thousands of dollars getting a degree in. Labor unions make it more expensive to work, and they’re like the mafia when it comes to collecting their dues. And anyway, isn’t being forced to join a union in order to get a job infringing on worker’s right? They can choose health care plans, dental plans, retirement plans, but not if they want to join a union? Sounds sketchy to me.

I completely understand the fundamental purpose for unions, but I believe they should be temporary. Unfair working conditions? Form a union, fight for the changes you want, and when you get there, dissolve the union. This prevents the abuse of power we’re seeing today in some of the biggest unions in the United States. No more forcing people to conform to your rules in order to get a job.

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