Dispatches From The Climate Conference In Exotic Cancun

Welcome to sunny, wonderful, exotic Cancun, where the water is warm, the drinks are cool, and airports are very busy!

Via Campesina will bring 4,000 Mexicans — indigenous peoples, farmers and their allies to Cancun, and a few hundred from the Global South. The Bolivian government is flying in 90 people, and Venezuela is flying in a similar number.

Shake-downs (unsurprisingly, Telegraph writer and climate hysteric Louise Gray is the story writer)

Small island states are calling for a ‘climate change insurance fund’ to protect their people from ‘going extinct’ as a new UN report warned sea level rise will make whole nations uninhabitable.

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The study of climate change impacts in the Caribbean warned that sea levels could rise by up to 6.5ft (2m) by the end of the 21st Century if global warming continues. There is also an increased risk of hurricanes and storm surges.

Yes, they do want “hundreds of billions of pounds” given by “rich nations” to be put in a fund “just in case.” How’d that hurricane season work out, which just ended yesterday? How about the last few years? Lower than average, you say? I’d mention that they live on islands, which are prone to erosion because of natural processes, but, they’d go all three monkeys on me.

Oh, wait, the science isn’t settled

From the methane-laden tundra of the far north to the depths of the oceans, world governments need to spend more on cutting-edge research to “get a handle” on how much and how quickly the world will warm in decades to come, says the head of the U.N. climate science network.

There are huge gaps in the effort as far as scientific research is concerned,” Rajendra Pachauri told The Associated Press, pointing to concerns that the Arctic’s thawing permafrost is releasing powerful global warming gases, and the oceans might eventually turn from absorbing carbon dioxide to spewing it into the atmosphere.

“What is being done today is certainly far from adequate,” said the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Obviously, the answer is “dump lots more money into creating more data that will be spun and changed to prop up a cult.”

And, last, but, yeah, least, definitely least, our own idiots make proclamations

U.S. negotiators came into the United Nations global warming summit with a weak hand but a bold move: a pledge that Congress will enact climate change legislation well before the decade is through.

It’s a promise that the rest of the world has seen the United States make–and break–time and again. At the 1997 Kyoto summit, then-Vice President Al Gore made the same pledge–even as the Senate passed a resolution refusing to ratify the Kyoto treaty. At last year’s summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, President Obama declared that the United States would lead the way in forging a new treaty to replace Kyoto, starting with action at home. But even with a Democratic Congress, the climate bill went down in flames.

But asked about the idea that the United States may pledge, without saying so explicitly, to enact a cap-and-trade law, (GOP climate alarmist Lindsay) Graham laughed, and said, “How are they going to do that?”

Considering there are 31 days left in the decade, not going to happen. They don’t have the votes.

OK, last

Of course, the luxurious Moon Palace resort with its 2457 air-conditioned, marble-floored rooms with double jacuzzis and – Gaia forbid! – a lavish Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, 12 bars, oversized swimming pools, unlimited buffet and fully imported white sand beach fashioned from an old mangrove swamp is hardly an advertisement for the kind of carbon frugality the climatocracy is trying to foist on the rest of us.

But it’s a mixed message at best. Scientists generally agree that one of the major causes of climate change is the use of fossil fuels, yet delegates, non-governmental agencies, press and intergovernmental officials spend nearly two hours one way each trip from their hotels to the conference center, most of it stuck in traffic on sweltering diesel buses. All around, cars carrying one or two people idle while motorcycles and a few cars whiz past on the shoulder and push their way back into line, further snarling traffic.

Good news! Next years IPCC conference will be in sunny Durban, South Africa. That’ll mean some serious frequent flyer miles!

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