UN Agency Will Decide If Western SANCTIONS Violate Human Rights, Giving Obama An Excuse To Lift Sanctions

UN Agency Will Decide If Western SANCTIONS Violate Human Rights, Giving Obama An Excuse To Lift Sanctions

Hey, you know what would be a fantastic idea? Lifting sanctions against countries like Russia, Iran, and North Korea!

UN human rights

The U.N. Human Rights Council this week will appoint an official whose job is to examine Western sanctions, viewed as constituting human rights violations against the targeted countries.

The newly-created post, established by a resolution introduced by Iran, will go to a veteran Algerian diplomat who in his application expressed concern about U.S. and European sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

… The 31 votes in favor came from African, Asian and Latin American members including Cuba, China, Pakistan Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Vietnam. The 14 opposing votes came from the U.S., European democracies, South Korea and Japan.

“Unilateral coercive measures” -– UCMs in the U.N.’s jargon –- are sanctions or similar actions imposed by one country on another aimed at putting pressure on regimes to change direction or institute reforms, without U.N. Security Council authorization.

The U.S. imposes such measures against a number of countries, including Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Syria and North Korea, in response to issues ranging from human rights and violations to proliferation and support for terrorism. European Union targets include Iran and Zimbabwe.

The resolution condemned “the continued unilateral application and enforcement by certain powers of such measures as tools of political or economic pressure against any country, particularly against developing countries, with a view to preventing these countries from exercising their right to decide, of their own free will, their own political, economic and social systems.”

It called for UCMs to stop.

Here’s a question: why do countries that have sanctions against them, like Russia and Cuba, even get a vote on such a resolution? The UN has always been a hotbed of liberal lunacy, but this is ridiculous, even for them.

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