UN Human Rights Monitor Blames USA, Israel for Boston Marathon Bombing

Who would you expect the United Nations to blame for the murder and mayhem caused by the Tsarnaev brothers? America and Israel, naturally:

“The American global domination project is bound to generate all kinds of resistance in the post-colonial world,” Richard Falk, the UN Human Rights Council’s Palestine monitor, wrote in an article for Foreign Policy Journal titled, “A Commentary on the Marathon Murders.”

In addition to gibbering self-righteously about America’s “geopolitical fantasy of global domination,”

Falk also blamed Israel for the unrest he believes prompted two brothers of Chechen descent to set bombs that killed three innocent people and injure nearly 200, then kill a police officer.

As Dinesh D’Souza has documented so informatively, our own president shares Falk’s demented antineocolonialist ideology.

Falk was also heard from after 9/11, which he characteristically blamed on George W. Bush.

Few will be surprised to learn that Falk is an Ivy League professor emeritus.

If the USA stopped funding it, the malignant United Nations would wither and die, forcing Falk to compete for a show on MSNBC, return to the faculty lounge, or lose his audience altogether.

Our tax money helps pay for Falk’s soap box.

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