10 Yr-Old Steals Car, Leads Police On Car Chase Going 100 MPH – SPITS On Police When Caught [VIDEO]

10 Yr-Old Steals Car, Leads Police On Car Chase Going 100 MPH – SPITS On Police When Caught [VIDEO]

A ten year-old went on the ride of his life when he stole a car yesterday and took Cleveland police on a high-speed chase.

We now have dashcam video from an Ohio police officer of the boy who stole his mother’s boyfriend’s car and took the cops on a long ride before he drove into a ditch. When the police caught up to him, the boy said that he stole the car because he was “bored.”

What’s the old line? If you’re bored, I’ll find something for you to do! I guess his mother didn’t have enough chores for him to do. I learned to never tell my parents that I was bored for fear of being assigned chores, but I also didn’t get so bored that I hopped off in a stolen vehicle. The boy stole the car around 8:30 am that morning while he was waiting on his sister, who was supposed to take him to school.

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Officers in the video can be heard saying, “We are not going to let him get back on the highway” after he drove into a ditch to avoid highway spike strips close to the Ohio turnpike outside of Milan. After driving into the ditch, he turned to drive on the opposite side of a barrier as he attempted to get away from the cops.

In all, it was a 45 mile chase that hit speeds of over 100 mph.

Police later said that they stopped traffic behind them out of concern for everyone’s safety and when he went off road, five cop cars surrounded the silver vehicle with the boy at the wheel to prevent him from getting back on the road. One officer asks, “Can you advise on intentional contact to stop him?”

When an officer found an opening, one car intentionally hit into the boy on the lam to cause it to be brought to a stop. So far, there are no reports of the boy being injured. You can see the front wheels turning as the cop pushes through, taking a road sign with them. Once it was safe to approach, the officers jump to his car and start demanding that the boy roll down his windows and exit the vehicle. One officer is heard yelling, “Break the window!,” but the boy rolls it down first. The boy is pulled from his seat through the window.

If you thought this was going to turn into a frightened boy bursting into tears, you’re off the mark. He kicked at the troopers and spat on one of them, according to a state patroler Lt. Richard Reeder. The boy was handcuffed and taken away. The chase ended over an hour after it started at 9:49 am.

Reminds me of the time a mother, whose daughter died while riding around in a stolen car and blamed the police who chased her down… she blamed the cops for her death. The cops are just trying to get dangerous drivers off the road.

You can watch the two minute video here:


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