CAIR Targets Tea Party in Southern California with (Edited) Video

Another masterful propaganda campaign is underway in Southern California, and going nationwide, with a heavily-edited “hate” video.:  It’s : being touted by the Council on American Islamic Relations and all their liberal appeaser wind-baggers, like Huffington Post, as an example of Tea Party bigotry.

POPPYCOCK. Here’s what’s REALLY happening:

Here’s my original post on the story for Right Wing News.

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Read all of Pamela Geller’s post on this today.

What has happened is….the Islamic Circle of North America, (which is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda, advocates shariah law and oppression of women) is ginning up donations for its “charitable activities” [ tax-dodging] in many communities and was attempting to hold a fundraiser recently in Yorba Linda. Tea Party members and others showed up to protest. The protesters used some very pointed language towards the attendees of the meeting as they entered, which liberals and CAIR are trying to promote as “hateful.” The heavily-edited “video” of the event, being circulated by CAIR to the media tries to spin the protest as negatively as possible.

Again, read ALL of my post and ALL of Pamela’s to get caught up…but here are some relevant new pieces of information about ICNA and their ties to terrorism, along with with comments by some of the people who attended the protest.

Let me say, that some of the things said by the protesters [ “Mohammed was a pervert” is REALLY bugging the Islamo-apology crowd] were very blunt, but are based on the inconvenient facts of what is in the Koran, what shariah law demands and who the prophet Mohammed was. One of his wives, Aisha, was six years old when he married her and not much older when he started having sex with her. This is allowed, along with having 4 wives, beating their wives, and having “temporary” (prostitute) wives, in the Quran. You can take issue with the protesters’ use of the word, “pervert,” to label Mohammed, but what do YOU want to call an old man who marries and has sex with a child? Why are Muslims ashamed when the contents of the Quran are opened to the sunshine for all to see? If it’s truly the Religion of Peace, what’s to worry about?

So bottom line, I don’t think the protesters in Orange County have anything to apologize for and hope they don’t. It is hard to stand up to the bully-bulls+++ machine of CAIR and organized Islam in the U.S. They did. They are catching a ration of blowback for it. Hang in there.

Besides my notes in my post about ICNA’s ties to Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quaeda, read more about who comes to speak to the “nice little hijab mommies” and Muslim daddies at ICNA meetings. Here’s more from Pamela Geller about the motives of CAIR, ICNA and what’s REALLY at stake here.

In the opening of the video it says Pamela Geller was a sponsor of the protest — I was no such thing. Yes, I ran it on my blog and supported a protest against terrorist sympathizers, but that video was cut to highlight bad behavior, which I don’t encourage; nor do you see at my rallies. It is also important to remember that ICNA is not a benign charitable organization, but an Islamic supremacist group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. It explicitly calls for Sharia rule, which institutionalizes oppression of women and non-Muslims and denies the freedom of speech and the freedom of conscience. This does not excuse people behaving obnoxiously toward ICNA members, but ICNA itself stands for a far greater repression and denial of human rights than that which is represented by a few insulting remarks.

The point of this video is to smear the movement, but more importantly keep people away from protests against jihadi enablers and Islamic supremacists. They want us to just go quietly. Don’t.

Statement about False Video On YouTube Placed by CAIR
From Rabbi David Eliezrie
ICNA, the Islamic Circle of North America sponsored a fundraiser at the city owned Yorba LInda Community Center with two known terror supporters as their keynote speakers. One was Abdel Malik Ali, a supporter of Hamas that demands Israel be eradicated and Jews killed all over the world. Watch him

Joining him was Siraj Wahaj, an unindicted co conspirator in the first World Trade Center bombing.

I participated in a peaceful protest on the lawn a hundred yards away from the Yorba Linda Community Center. The Mayor, city council members, congressman, the local reform rabbi, and others spoke.

Another demonstration started near the entrance of the Community Center. Those in the second rally spoke harshly as indicated on the video. We did not join them, in fact we told people not to go there.

This video spliced images from the two events. It does not show me or other speakers with this group near the building entrance since I did not join them. Nor does it mention that the speakers at this event for a Muslim organization have a long history of supporting terror.

The edited video by CAIR is another incident in long history of distorting the truth. In their press release they state two of the fundraiser’s speakers, who were to speak on the “importance of charity in Islam” failing to mention one is in supporter of Hamas and the second was an unindicted co conspirator in the first World Trade Center bombing.

Peaceful protest against those who call for the murder of Jews is not hatred. If we don’t speak out then we allow these to spew hatred against Jews to do so freely. The Hamas charter calls for the destruction of Israel. It also states that “The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews [and kill them]; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: Oh Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!”

Read the flyer distributed at the peaceful protest

Report in the OC Register noting “That a splinter group” left the peaceful protest and gathered near the entrance.

Congressman Ed Royce also participated in the rally his statement:

“The Council on American-Islamic Relations this week attacked my calling attention to the two individuals keynoting a fundraiser for a New York-based Muslim group held at the Yorba Linda Community Center.

“I have had many conversations with my Muslim constituents over the years, and I know they reject these two individuals:

“One speaker, Imam Siraj Wahhaj, advocates replacing our democracy with sharia law and refuses to criticize Osama Bin Laden. There is nothing peaceful about him.

“Imam Siraj Wahhaj was linked by investigators to the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center. A few years later, he stood as a character witness for Sheik Omar Abel-Rahman, and for three other terrorists convicted in the attack. The “Blind Sheik” is now serving a life sentence for conspiring to bomb a series of New York City landmarks in 1995.

“Wahhaj warns “If Allah says cut off their hand you cut off their hand. If Allah says stone them to death…then you stone them to death, because it’s the obedience of Allah and his messenger — nothing personal.” This worldview is incompatible with American democracy, to say the least.

“The second speaker, Amir Abdel Malik-Ali, is a vocal supporter of Hezbollah, a terrorist group once called the “A-team” of terrorists by a top U.S. government official.

“Faced with Wahhaj’s ideology, we can go one of two ways. One, ignore expressions of extremism, essentially deem them acceptable, and undermine our values and government.

“Or two, we can speak out about Wahhaj and Malik-Ali’s extremism. For me, looking at the growth of terrorism overseas, and in our country, silence isn’t an option. Silence leads to the tragic mistake of denying that the Fort Hood shooter was a radical, advocating terrorist acts, despite his years of known adherence to such views.

“What’s wrong with the Holocaust survivor we heard speak about not wanting to live under sharia law? I think he had a point when he argued for the lessons of the Enlightenment and his preference for the U.S. Constitution. He knows that bad ideas can have bad consequences.

“We spoke at the park adjacent to the community center. It is regrettable that some protesters at the community center yelled insults at Imam Wahhaj’s supporters. Nothing though should deflect from the radicalism of Wahhaj and Malik-Ali.

“As to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, my experience is that it isn’t interested in bringing together Americans. If they were, they would be calling attention to Imam Wahhaj and Amir Abdel Malik Ali’s radicalism, not advancing their cause.”

Bottom line: We are in a fight in this country for the heart and soul of who we are and who we shall be. Political correctness is getting Christians and non-Muslims, and American soldiers killed. Those of us brave enough to call evil what it is should not be cannibalized by our own people who seek shelter under our capes. Have some courage before it’s too late.

Here is a link to my story which contains many links to the terrorist activities and actors of Islamic terror in this country and their agenda to “infiltrate” us through front groups like ICNA, Muslims of America, Muslim Student Association and the like.

Here is the link on my website to archived stories about radical Islam.

Here is a little Quran quote to make your day:

Islam is intolerant and incompatible with all other religions: If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will he be accepted of God; and in the next life, he will be in the ranks of those who have lost themselves and will burn in hell. (Qur’an 3:85)

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