College Student Takes The Trip Of A LIFETIME Using His Financial Aid…Guess What Happens Next?

College Student Takes The Trip Of A LIFETIME Using His Financial Aid…Guess What Happens Next?

There are poisonously stupid people incapable of making good decisions and then there is this self-absorbed dunce.

brandon the dunce

From Young Conservatives:

Being in college can be a very stressful time for young men and women and sometimes students are given the opportunity to take an exotic vacation and they just have to pounce on it.

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Whether it’s summer vacation, spring break, or just a spontaneous excuse to ditch school, sometimes you just need a breather.

That’s exactly what Brandon Lerry did when he spent $2,500 to take him and his girlfriend to Thailand.

How do we know he spent the $2,500 on a trip to Thailand? Because he told us. He made a YouTube video announcing it and it’s gotten just under 90,000 views so far.

Most of the time, YouTubes get a lot more thumbs-up than thumbs-down. Not this one – it’s going about two-to-one against.

A sampling of the comments which don’t actually contain copious use of the F-bomb…

Could you maybe not use money that a lot of us other students could have used for actual goal-achieving? Using this money to take butt-shots of your girlfriend is definitely not in the legal agreement you sign when you take that money.

“You used your financial aid for BOOKS for tickets to another country and I can’t even get approved for financial aid because my dad makes too much money! He’s not paying for my college! I am! People like this make me upset! People actually want and need that money for an education and your blowing it on something it wasn’t meant for!”

“You and your girlfriend are exactly what is wrong with our country. You’ve done a disservice to yourself and every individual who tries to get an education people who really care about learning but yet you seem to use it to take vacations. Secondly you’re committing fraud by using that money on something other than school. People like myself who worked two jobs, never took financial aid and payed off my college bills have no respect for a freeloading ass like yourself. Hopefully, parading your student financial aided trip gains enough attention and your ass gets in trouble.”

You really like to show off your girlfriends goodies. Not complaining.

Congratulations Brandon! You just committed a felony known as “fraud”! Not sure if you have heard of it. Anyway, I’m sure this is going to go over well with your University, and also the IRS. Cheers!

There are two kinds of people who watch this video: People who are pissed about this guy spending federal aid on a selfish trip for him and his girlriend, and People who just want to look at his girlfriend’s ass shots that there are a dozen of.

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