Detroit Police Station Shooting Video Shows Bravery was on Duty

A freak shooting incident at a Detroit police station has ended with the bad guy dead, the cops wounded but alive and these reminders:

  1. How quickly life can be changed in a split second.
  2. Good training serves well under extreme pressure.
  3. Crazy people are going to do crazy things no matter how many laws there are.
  4. Wear a vest. Wear a vest. Wear a vest.
  5. Tell the people you love that you love them EVERY DAY.
  6. Bravery cannot be TAUGHT.

Daily Mail:

Detroit police have released harrowing footage of the moment a deranged gunman opened fire on officers from the front desk of their precinct house.

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The gunman, 38-year-old Lamar Moore, was wanted for questioning by police and had gone briefly missing before suddenly turning up at the Sixth Precinct house on January 23.

Dramatic surveillance video footage shows two different camera angles of the station – the public area at the front desk, and the section behind the front desk for officers.

Lamar Moore

Detailing the injuries sustained by the officers, Chief Godbee said the female sergeant was undoubtedly saved by her bullet-resistant vest, which absorbed a shot to her chest.

Another officer and a male sergeant suffered a grazing wound to the head, while the precinct commander was shot in the back but was still able to return fire.

The shootout only came to an end when Moore dived over the front desk and continued firing at the officers from merely feet away.

Chief Godbee would not reveal how many times Moore was shot, or which officer fired the fatal round, but the footage shows the gunman finally collapsing and dying at the station.

According to Detroit News, Moore was under investigation for allegedly holding a 13-year-old girl as a sex slave.

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